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If you are thinking of getting a rhinoplasty surgery done – also known as a nose job surgery, then you should be asking yourself – am I the right candidate? Usually a nose surgery can be the answer for other concerns with your face in the aesthetic department. It could be that your nose seems too large for your face or it may be drooping or plunging a little low, it could be you were in an accident and it is now crooked or off center. We can help you find what you’re looking for on this website.

When choosing rhinoplasty or a surgery to reconfigure the nose area, the most common thing many people choose is the plastic surgery procedure. This can reduce or increase the size or change the shape of the tip of your nose. If you want to narrow the nostril span or reshape the bridge then that is possible. If you want to fix a birth defect or just change the angle of your nose to help with breathing problems then that’s possible as well. With a good basic understanding of the rhinoplasty procedure you can make an informed decision when talking to your surgeon. Then you can also expect the best out of the process and the results you will be getting.

The best type of candidate for rhinoplasty surgery is someone who is not hung up on being perfect but is looking for improvements, someone who is realistic in their approach and expectations, and someone who is already physically healthy and stable on the inside. You have to realize that rhinoplasty could enhance your self-confidence but it won’t cause other people to act differently toward you so don’t expect them to. Think hard and really decide when you are making this decision. It is preferred by most surgeons to operate on clients that are past a certain age – somewhere around the 15 year old mark because they want the growth spurt to be completed. The patient is at an age where they can make the right decision and make sure that it is really what they went to do. It can be done on a patient for reconstructive goals or just meet an aesthetic purpose.

There will always be uncertainty and risk involved when getting rhinoplasty performed but it is our goal to make sure we find you the most qualified individuals who devote their lives to this profession. Nevertheless there will always be a possibility of a complication occurring but with a really good plastic surgeon the complications happen very infrequently and far in-between. If you follow your surgeon’s instructions before and after the surgery then you will definitely lessen the chance of anything negative happening. When rhinoplasty is done it should be so that there is zero scarring whatsoever but spots may occur which can be permanent. Make sure you know this going into the surgery. We will talk about this a little later but when an open technique is used or a narrowing of the nostrils is done then the scarring should not be visible. When you first come in for an evaluation ad consultation – of course you will be asked what you’re looking for in terms of size and shape but they may also want to evaluate the structure of your nose, nasal bones, cartilage and shape of your face. Sometimes it can occur that after a rhinoplasty surgery you have to come back in for a second procedure for c corrections but this only happens a couple times out of twenty. It is nothing to be too worried about because it is usually for minor fixes. A few more factors that can affect things are the thickness/thinness of your skin and your age.

A Nose Job Bonanza.

The timeframe of the rhinoplasty surgery varies but you can expect it to take about one or two hours. If your case requires a little extra care because of complications then it could take longer – this is just a general time frame that you can base your plans on. The way the surgery works is a couple of different ways. Depending on your situation the surgeon may perform within the nose and make the incision within the nostril itself while most cases will be an “open” procedure which is across the Columella which is the tissue in-between the nostrils. During the whole process the skin of the nose will be separated from the cartilage and bone then draped over afterwards to the performed shape and form. After the surgery you will have plastic splits attached so it will keep and maintain the new shape. These splints are also used to divide air passages and keep the septum together and strong.

When meeting your surgeon he or she should explain everything to you from beginning to end. They should tell you exactly how everything is going to go and the plan. They will also let you know the techniques that they will be using and anesthesia that will be used during the procedure. Every detail should be explained to you down to the faculty where you will get the surgery done. Make sure to tell your surgeon if you are a smoker, on drugs, vitamins or any type of medications. Usually the cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance but if you are getting the surgery done and it is for another purpose like deformity or breathing difficulties then you may be covered. Also, let them know if you have done any type of surgery to your nose in the past and that rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to give you the best recommendations for your certain situation. If you have any questions for your surgeon, just make sure to bring them up whenever you have them, don’t hesitate to ask them. It is better to have more communication then less of it. If it is a question of the procedure then ask. If it is a question about the results – of course just ask. Your surgeon should be there for you every step of the way. You should get instructions on how to prepare for your surgery beforehand, guidelines like stopping certain medication or smoking will be noted to you. Just make sure to follow the instructions from your professional because it will help the whole process go smoother. If you need help before or after the surgery, make sure to plan that out before as well because it will help to have someone there for you during the process. Your doctor should also give you instructions about eating, drinking and face hygiene.

When getting the regular anesthesia you should sleep through the whole operation but with the light local anesthesia you will be numbed around the operating area but you will be awake. It will be numb around the area and you should not feel the pain anyway. There are three places you will be getting your surgery done, either at the surgeon’s office, at a surgery center or at the hospital. If your operation is a little more complicated than others then you will have to stay a day extra and that is when it will be an inpatient stay. For most it will be more convenient and cost effective when it is done on an outpatient basis.

It is important to note that post surgery is a sure time of rest and rejuvenation. Your face will feel a little swollen and puffy 24 hours after but make sure you take the medicine prescribed by your surgeon and follow the plan laid out as well. You may have a little bit of a headache and your nose may also feel a little uncomfortable but note that this is all normal. Even the bruising around your face and eyes will be normal and should subside after a few days. It is different for each person but putting some cold substances on your face will reduce the swelling. People you know won’t even notice the swelling after a week but you may still notice a little bit after even a month. Don’t be too worried about the little subtle swelling because it will go away. If you are concerned about anything just let you surgeons know and they will direct you.

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