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Just because you need the best in the city – really doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time looking for the top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Alberta. It can be difficult at times when it comes to having someone do work on your face and you may feel like you have to build a relationship before hand so you can trust them. We have took all that into consideration when choosing the best professional for you. It can be easier then you think when you do your diligent research and shop around Calgary – if that is where you are located. See your contact page to choose the right area in Alberta that suits your needs.

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If you find that you are bleeding after the surgery don’t worry too much because that can occur in some cases even after a few days after but just let your surgeon know if you are concerned. You should not blow your nose for one to two weeks to really let your nose heal. You may even feel stiffness in the nose for a few weeks which is normal as well. Usually around the time of fourteen days or so you should be able to remove any and all plastic splints that were used as well as stitches.

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Keep your physical activity at a minimum after the rhinoplasty because you don’t want to get your blood pressure up, make sure you avoid any hard strenuous activity for at least two weeks – this is only a suggestion but it will really help the healing process. Some patients even see a normal return to their everyday life after only two days but it can take weeks to really reach normal living after the surgery. Consult your surgeon for suggestions and guidelines that ill more suit your personal needs. Be mindful of the nose rubbing, washing and use of lotions on the face.

If you are a glasses wearer you may want to find a way to attach the eye wear some other way then resting them on your nose. Even after a few days or even a couple weeks, it’s best to either tape them to your head or cheeks for five to eight weeks after the surgery. If you wear contact lenses then all is good because this won’t affect you and you can start wearing them whenever you want to. Remember to hold a picture and vision in your mind that you will look a lot better when the surgery heals, you may feel a little depressed at first because of all the bruising and redness but if you know in your mind that you will look better after the healing time then you can feel more normal and be more understanding to yourself.

As time progresses you will heal and as days pass you will get better, you will feel better and your self-image will improve. It healing process can take about seven to fourteen days but the overall final result will happen a year or more in the future. This is a long term improvement and think of it as an investment for the long term. Even though the healing is a more slowly paced and gradual process, you can be assured to feel and look better when you hit those final stages of results.

When choosing your surgeon there are a few things you can do to make sure you choose the right one for you and a few security measures you can take to verify that they are certified and knowledgeable. Before you begin the process of asking the surgeon questions whether they have hospital privileges for complications in the surgery, you want to make sure that you verify everything with the hospital itself to make sure everything is correct. You can either call which is best or walk in and ask. They also may have their own operating suit which you should also verify that it is certified and known within the medical community with reviews. It is somewhat easy nowadays to find real honest reviews with clients that they have had in the past.

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